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Selling or Buying a Business?--Is there an Economic Upturn?

Posted by: Fernando Simo

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There is no doubt that a major topic of discussion (and concern) today for most of us is the economy.   One of the main issues regarding a market where unemployment nears ten (10) percent (or 20% for those who include workers who no longer submit claims or are simply working on a part-time basis, or simply gave up), is whether the recession and/or the recovery is underway. Based on two continuous GDP growth quarters, most economists would indicate that the recession is over—and has been since July 2009. Of course, many would argue that recovery without job creation is nothing but number crunching. In all of that confusion, I wanted to clarify what has been happening in the Business Brokerage world (in Florida) since July 2009. 

 In a recent article written in the South Florida Business Journal, they indicate that “there are signs of life in the field of buying and selling businesses.” They go on to say that “fourth quarter (2009) figures for South Florida show a rebound in sales prices, prices paid as a multiple of cash flow and the number of businesses sold.” What makes this statement a lot more encouraging is that typically the fourth quarter is the lowest quarter of the year. Here are some other Transworld data which further show a positive trend:
1.                  Second half 2009 sales transactions increased 32% over first half of 2009.
2.                  Fourth quarter of 2009 was the second best fourth quarter ever!
3.                  2002 is the last time where we showed growth in three consecutive quarters.
4.                  The Q2 to Q4 positive trend was the second biggest jump in sales at Transworld over two quarters.
Given the aforementioned, many in our business would show cautious optimism for an economic recovery filled with opportunities for those looking to buy and sell a business. Andrew Cagnetta, Transworld President, mentioned in the South Florida article that “anybody who wants to start a business or relocate a business is going to find it pretty easy to find a location and get a good deal.” So, don’t waste any time, take advantage of the turnaround and call us to help you with your business transaction.
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