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Choose Moneycorp because:
  • Our market experts will get you the best exchange rate available, making your money go further.
  • We can fix an exchange rate today that will be valid up to two years in the future, so you will know exactly how much foreign currency you will get and that you can meet your property or business purchase commitments with no shortfall.
  • We use the most reliable payment methods available, ensuring that your funds are transferred as quickly and securely as possible.
    Our approachable, experienced staff are on-hand and accessible to you throughout the day.
  • You won’t have to pay commission or receiving bank charges.
  • You can be confident that you are dealing with the experts. We have been trading currencies since 1979 and last year we traded over £10 billion in currencies.
Regular payments automated
If you need to make regular payments, such as monthly repayments on a mortgage, we can arrange these for you through our Regular Payment plan. The RPP removes the inconvenience of arranging individual transfers through your bank on a regular basis. Set it up once by Direct Debit and receive foreign currency in your destination bank account every month.
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