SBA Document Checklist

Document Checklist in Order to Close on an SBA Loan:
Corporate Information (of borrower and any corporate guarantor, if applicable) Выгодное предложение: дорогие монеты россии 2 рубля в Москве.

  • Articles of Incorporation, with any amendments
  • Certificate of good standing from Florida Department of state
  • Corporate By-Laws
  • List of all corporate officers and their titles
  • Copies of all issued stock certificates and next blank certificate (front & back)
  • Corporate seal-(please bring to closing)
  • Filed fictitious name certificate from Dept of State (if applicable)
  • Federal Tax Identification
  • Other Closing Requirements
  • UCC-1 filed with the secretary of state (Form to be provided by lender’s counsel)
  • Copies of vechicle title/registration
  • Attorney opinion letter from borrowers counsel in a form acceptable to lender (Form to be provided by lender counsel)
  • Copy of promissory note evidencing borrower’s/guarantor’s/principal’s existing obligation to borrowing entity or other third party (said obligation to be subordinated to lender’s loan)
  • Lease (Fully executed covering the term of the loan)
  • Collateral assignment of lease with landlord’s consent & waiver of lien rights (form to be provided by lender’s cousel)
  • Copies of all applicable business licenses/permits required for borrower’s business. In the alternative, an application for same validated by the county/city is acceptable.
  • Detailed list or invoices for all machinery, equipment,furniture,fixture and or inventory which will secure this loan. The list or invoices should include item,model# description and serial #
  • Evidence of cash injection into the business by the individual principals of the borrower. This should be in the form of cancelled checks with appropiate invoices or receipts marked “paid” All such evidence must reflect that the injected funds originated from the personal accounts of the borrower.

The easiest way to show proof of your cash injection into your business is to supply us with copies of the following From your individual/personal bank account:

  • Copy of canceled check issued by you to your business, or
  • Copy of bank statements reflecting the debit of this check.
  • No credit card receipts accepted for cash injection and vendor invoices.

Another way of showing proof of cash injection can be used when paying bills or making purchases on behalf of the business. If this is the case, the injection must also be documented by providing the following:

  • Copy of your personal cancelled check issued to the vendor/franchisor/landlord.
  • Copy of the invoice(franchise agreement/lease agreement) reflecting what was paid for or purchased.
  • Copy of the receipt indicating invoice was paid.
  • To facilitate and track your cash injection/reimbursement, you also will have to prepare a schedule itemizing each vendor/invoice/check.
  • Estoppel letter from existing lender evidencing the exact amount of the loan to be paid off by borrowers at or prior to closing (if applicable)
  • Collateral assignment of lease and lien subordination,if applicable. (form to be provided by lender’s counsel)
  • Copy of finalized itemized invoice for borrower’s attorneys fees (required at closing for attachment to the SBA compensation agreement)
  • Certificate of occupancy or other evidence from county that subject improvements have been completed in accordance with all applicable code & county requirements.

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