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mergers_rs.jpgAt Transworld we have a Mergers and Acquisitions department that has a team of professionals that specialize in larger transactions. During my thirty five years of Corporate Experience and as Director of Finance for Latin America, I managed Motorola’s Joint Ventures in Latin America and dealt with many M&A transactions.

What qualifies your business to be an M&A transaction? Детальное описание cumpara vin moldova у нас.

There are several situations that could make your business qualify for our M&A department:

  • Your business has earnings greater than 1 million dollars. When business grow to this size they become targets for acquisition by industry leaders.
  • Your business is too large for an individual buyer to purchase or finance through conventional methods. Once your business is worth multimillions, a single individual usually will not purchase it.
  • Your business is in an industry that is currently being “rolled up.” In some industries, strategic buyers that want to consolidate the marketplace will purchase even small businesses.
  • Your business is experiencing incredible growth. If your business is running out of capital because of expansion,it may be an M&A target.
  • You want to grow your business and perhaps retain some equity. If that is the case, you will need M&A expertise.

The M&A Selling Process:

Understanding your goals – We meet with you and perhaps your advisors to understand your future goals. There can be many situations that coud be present.

  • Review your options. There are many options that you must consider. We can help you understand them all.
  • Valuation. Transworld can help you understand how much your company is worth in today’s marketplace.
  • Create a Strategic Plan. Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. Transworld M&A will set up a plan of action to take your business to market.
  • Network and market the sale. Transworld is one of the largest and most successful business sale organizations in the country.
  • Meet with prospective buyers. Transworld will attend most meetings with buyers and be present on conference calls. We will prepare beforehand. We will also have a post meeting to go over how the meeting progressed.
  • Solicit and review letters of intent (LOI’s). Transworld will work with you and your advisors to decide who is the best buyer, and which one will eventually close!!
  • Negotiate the Sale. Transworld has an in house rigorous training program to refine negotiating skills. Most companies in the M&A process are professional buyers, you need an expert on your side.
  • Due Diligence. 50% of unmanaged deals die in due dilligence. Transworld will quarterback this process and keep everyone in the game.
  • Close the Deal. Once due dilligence is over, the M&A process must be completed. Transworld will work tirelessly to get the transaction closed.

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